DVRC Grand Prix

Grand Prix 2019


As you all know the GP this year has unfortunately been ruined by this ongoing pandemic.

To date only one race has went ahead (greener miles moon race) as such in order to salvage the season we have opted to hold a number of virtual events. These being the following

  • 25th Sept – 15th Oct = Chopwell “5km” pink loop.
  • 16th Oct – 5th Nov = Newburn/Wylam River run (6mile)
  • 6th Nov – 26th Nov = 30mins point challenge at a location of your choosing  This is the same as the Greener Miles Virtual challenge “points means prizes” (The object of this event is to run as far or high as you can in 30 minutes. Example. Each mile you run =1 point. Every 250 ft of elevation gained=1 point. We will calculate distance points to include 1/4 miles but the elevation gain is in complete multiples of 250 ft gained)
  • 27th Nov – 17th Dec = George Ogle

Please see the links below for the route guides. (George Ogle to follow shortly) In regards to the George Ogle the club will be looking to arrange recce’s of this for members not familiar with the routine.

A Facebook post will be made  for each event available for you to post your results, please note we will require actual time (put strava into race).

Good luck everyone


Chopwell 5k route

Newburn Wylam river route

George Ogle virtual GP

About the Grand Prix

Each year, our club has a momentous Grand Prix competition!

We choose a selection of races ranging from 5k to fell races – and everything in between.  For every race you run, you will accumulate points.

Points for showing up, points for your performance if you are faster than your predicative times based on a recent Gibside Parkrun result, points for your position. (Full rules below.)  You don’t need to do any of the number crunching though, as our resident expert Carole will do the scoring. Just turn up and run!

The Grand Prix is a brilliant way to try out new races with fellow club members, and is open to all.

Dates for 2020

Date 2020 Race Distance Terrain Location
Sat-15-Feb Chopwell Moon Runner 10k 10k Trail Chopwell Woods
Sat-21-Mar Cow Bell 5k Road Race 5k Road Newcastle Town Moor
Fri-10-Apr Elswick Good Friday Relays Relay Road Newburn Riverside
Sun-19-Apr Sand Dancer 10km MT 10k Multi-terrain South Shields
Sun-17-May Pier to Pier 7m Trail South Shields
Tue-09-Jun Blaydon Races 5.9m Road Newcastle
Sun-14-Jun Cheviot Trail Race Kirk Yetholm to Wooler 13m Trail Wooler
Sat-04-Jul Chevy Chase 20m Fell Wooler
Sun-05-Jul Bottoms Up Cup 5k 5k Mix Northumberl’d
TBC Auckland Castle Trail Race 5m Trail Auckland Castle
Sun-20-Sept Prudhoe Miners Race 5m Trail Prudhoe
TBC Druridge Bay NEHL XC XC XC Northumberl’d
TBC Pedro’s 10k 10k Mix Stanley
Sun-15-Nov Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile (coach trip planned) 10m Road Brampton
Sat-28-Nov Gibside Parkrun Parkrun Trail Gibside
Sun-06 Hexhamshire Hobble 10m Fell Allendale

All dates with TBC are provisional as of Jan 2020.


  • Moving to points based scoring, with points accumulated by various methods
  • Enter as many races as you wish – your best 5 scores count, plus bonus points
  • We need your Gibside parkrun times to predict Grand Prix race performance. So get yourself down to Gibside on a Saturday at 9am before the end of March!

How to score points:

  • 1 point for turning up and running! BONUS – the more races you do, the more points you get (even beyond the minimum 5 race requirement)
  • Performance versus predicted time (prediction based on Gibside Parkrun). 1 point for every minute faster than your predicted time up to a maximum of 5 points. No minus points if your time is slower than predicted.
  • Race position versus club runners – 5 points for finishing first, down to 1 point for 5th place (split male/female)
  • Cross Country Bonus Points – to encourage more people to participate in Cross Country, you gain 1 point for each race you do (Wrekenton, Lambton Estate, Aykley Heads). Note – this is extra to the Druridge Bay round which is one of the Grand Prix races.

Grand Prix Scoring – Example 1

Mo Farah (new member) does 8 races, plus 3 XC fixtures

Best 5 Race Scores:

Race 1 – 5th club male and 1 minute faster than predicted = 1+1+1 (attendance) = 3 points

Race 2 – 2nd club male and 3 minutes faster than predicted = 4+3+1=8 points

Race 3 – 15th club male and 7 minutes slower than predicted = 0+0+1=1 point

Race 4 – 6th club male and 45 seconds faster than predicted = 0+1+1 point=2 points (round up to a minute)

Race 5 – 1st club male and 8 minutes faster than predicted = 5+5 (capped)+1=11 points

Bonus race attendance (above mandatory 5) plus 3 XC fixtures = 3+3=6


Grand Prix Scoring – Example 2

Paula Radcliffe does 16 Grand Prix races and 3 XC races

Best 5 Race Scores:

Race 1 – 20th club female and 5 minutes slower than predicted = 0+0+1 (attendance) = 1 point

Race 2 – 18th club female and 1 minute faster than predicted = 0+1+1=2 points

Race 3 – 12th club female and 3 minute faster than predicted = 0+3+1=4 point

Race 4 – 8th club female and 5 minutes faster than predicted = 0+5+1 point=6 points

Race 5 – 6th club female and 8 minutes faster than predicted = 0+5 (capped)+1=6 points

Bonus race attendance (above mandatory 5) plus 3 XC fixtures = 11+3=14


2019 Grand Prix

Well done to Bernadette Salmon and Marc Runkee, 2019’s well deserved Queen and King of the Grand Prix!