North East Harrier League Cross Country Series

Every year we take part in the North East Harrier League (NEHL) cross country series.  This season of races across the region are for EA-affiliated clubs only.

Here are the fixtures for 2017/18 (click on the link for info about location and travel details):

Sat 30th Sept 2017 – Wrekenton

Sun 8th Oct 2017 – Druridge Bay

Sat 28th Oct 2017 – Sherman Cup, Temple Park

Sat 18th Nov 2017 – Aykley Heads

Sat 6th Jan 2018 – Herrington Park

Sat 10th Feb 2018 – Thornley Hall Farm, Peterlee

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 – Alnwick Castle

What’s it all about?

The club pays for every member (who wants to!) to take part in these races – it is one of the perks of being a member. Everyone, whatever their running level, is welcome to take part – so don’t think it doesn’t apply to you!  And anyone injured or not sure, are very welcome to come along and cheer on the runners.

The races are all cross-country, on a well-marked course, generally over fields, mostly on Saturdays, but sometimes Sundays.  We meet up at the beginning of the afternoon, with races setting off at intervals (depending on category  – see below).

XC Autumn 2016

Normally our tent is bigger than this, honest!


Your race number 

We need to register you as a runner with NEHL before you can race. So let the Club Secretary know if you want to take part.  You will then be given an individual number for your vest, which you keep for the whole season, so do not lose it.

On the first race of the season, the club collects numbers from the organisers  and distributes them to runners.  (We look after the numbers for anyone not at the first fixture.)

Men's race at NEHL XC series at Aykley Heads, Durham

NEHL XC, Aykley Heads, Durham

What to bring

Race number and safety pins

DVRC club vest

Suitable trainers (see below)

Lots of warm layers for racing and at start/finish

Bin liner for muddy clothes

Optional extra: home baking and other treats are always welcome!


As it’s cross country, it is muddy.  Therefore, we generally advise at least a trail running shoe, or you can buy XC trainers (with spikes). Some people also wear fell running shoes. Ask other members for advice, as it can depend on venue. Some running shops sell well-priced entry level XC trainers.

Muddy feet at XC Feb 2017

On race day

Where possible, we try to car share – look out on email and FB for messages about forthcoming fixtures. You can find details of each location on the NEHL website.

NE Harrier League Cross Country 2015/16

NE Harrier League Cross Country 2015/16

On arrival at the venue, look out for our race flag – every club has a tent to get changed in and keep warm (ours is currently getting fixed, keep your fingers crossed).  If you’d like to help transport/erect/store the tent/flag, then please let the Club Secretary know.  This year we are also hoping to have sweet treats and hot drinks on tap to keep supporters warm and runners replenished after their race.  So if you want to bake cakes or indeed anything savoury, then please do!

We run laps of a set course; normally its 3x for men (approx. 6 miles) and 2x for women (approx. 6 miles).

Approx timings only:
13.05 – 13.10 app **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
13.10 – 13.15 app **Senior & Veteran Women
13.50 – 14.00 app **Under 17 Men
14.15 – 14.25 app **Senior & Veteran Men

If you can’t run, then you are always welcome to cheer on along the course. Many people arrive early/stay later to cheer on other races, and it is also a good opportunity to bring along family and friends (lots of space to run about and generally get worn out).

Team points for the league

You will win points for the club regardless of where you finish!

You score points for the club depending on your individual finish position and there are also team points up for grabs. So, the more runners that turn up, the better, regardless of how slow or fast you are.

The finish position of the club’s first six men finishers and first four women finishers are added together for a team score. Team are ranked (men and women separately) and vie to win their division.

So what are you waiting for?

More information: