’12 in 12′ for wor’ Rob

Club member Rob has been running a half marathon a month through 2018. We helped him to celebrate his achievement by staging our very own DVRC ’12 in 12′ Victory Half Marathon with him on Sun 9 December. Here’s what happened….

Words by wordsmith extraordinaire, Matt Forrest

Some serious arranging had been going on, after days of wind and rain the forecast for Rob Bradshaw’s half marathon extravaganza was wall to wall sun. That is what happens when the DVRC organising committee get on it. The turn out for our celebrity runner was huge and impeccably dressed, there were donkeys, angels, kings, Santas, shepherds. There was a little surprise and disappointment expressed that Adele hadn’t bothered dressing up but in the context of Rob’s special day we’ll let that go. There were dogs and kids and supporters. There was catering, there was an official start and finish. It was an event. A proper organised event.

Rob's 12 in 12 team

Rob’s 12 in 12 team

Today DVRC were to attempt the Double George Ogle. It’s a toughie. So tough in fact that ultra marathoners, Hazel, Mark and Peter only tried a single lap and Mark and Peter decided to carry full over night kit in case of disaster. Other members of the hard core, Adam, Jenny and Paul also gave it a miss. This was serious, this was a Double Ogle (plus a bit).

Normally in these posts there is a tenuous relationship with reality, possibilities shall we say are stretched but when Rob turned up in a pair of gold lame strides, a star on his back and three pairs of socks down his skimpies it was clear no fabrication would be required. This was borne out fully when we arrived at the first drink stop only to find it was the ladies cross country support car which, like Adele, had made no real effort, they just flung the boot open and voila bucks fizz and cakes same as they do any given Cross Country Saturday. It was noted that angelic Claire fell further behind each time she passed the booze boot, her halo slipping a little more each time but her sense of direction never wavered.

Now normally I’d continue with some flowery prose but today let me just set out this list:

January – Inskip Half Marathon
February – Blackpool Marathon
March – Haweswater Half Marathon
April – Connemara Half Marathon
May – Keswick Half Marathon
June – Trail Outlaws Pieces of Eight Half Marathon
July – Northumberland Coastal Half Marathon
August – Haddington Half Marathon
September – Great North Run
October – Worksop Half Marathon
November – Town Moor Half Marathon
December – Double George Ogle Half Marathon

Robs 12 in 12 finish line

(After stalking Rob’s Facebook page I think he enjoyed January but between Inskip and a cold beer at the Land of Oak and Iron there were more than a few hard yards)

And say well done Rob Bradshaw, you are indeed a star, a celebrity, a legend. It was an honour to run up and down the same stretch of the Derwent Path 18 times with you. And to all those who baked, organised, planned, cajoled, clapped, snapped and fuelled us with booze, thank you. As Andy has said below, this is why we love DVRC. Now Rob put those feet up and enjoy that well earned beer.

Robs 12 in 12 chairman congratulates rob.jpg